EARTH DANCE ~ पृथ्वी नृत्य ~ DANZA DE LA TIERRA ~ 地球舞蹈 ~ ERDTANZ ~ رقص الارض ~ танец земли ~ DANZA DELL TERRA ~ アースダンス ~ DANSE DE LA TERRE ~ ריקוד כדור הארץ

“Earth Dance” Music Video Documentary Coming Soon

Produced by The Music Fest, Compiled by Ishana and the Indigos

~ ~ ~

Hey folks, let’s face it, without Mother Earth, where would we ALL be?

Really, isn’t it time to take care of our only home by first showing our love for Mother Nature?

Nothing unifies people everywhere like music and dancing.

Now let’s see how this upcoming music dance video documentary galvanizes the people of the planet to show that we really care.

And, that we are ready to do something BIG and NOW in taking care of our beautiful blue orb.

All future generations are counting on us, yes?!