“She Who Sings, Prays Twice”

In Loving Memory of Betty Gefell

Who served as one of the many GREAT inspirations
for the TheMusicFest.com

Before there was the British Invasion of Rock ‘n’ Roll bands during the mid-1960s, there was the Christ the King Church Choir led by the incomparable Director Betty Gefell.  In fact, it was the wonderful singing of Margaret “Betty” Gefell who introduced the creator of this website to some of the most sublime music ever composed.

Without missing a single Sunday, Betty sang — often solo — the various parts of the High Mass as though she was temporarily transported to the heavenly realms.  Truly, her angelic voice was as sweet and sublime as one will ever hear in a church choir.

In the early days Betty sang all of those moving Roman Catholic hymns found in the venerable tradition of the Latin Mass.  Each rendition was delivered with the heart and soul of a gandharva who was visiting Earth from her celestial abode every Sunday morning at 11:00 AM.

Both father and mother of “this particular Sunday churchgoer”
made sure that the whole family attended the High Mass without
fail.  They knew quite well that “he or she who sings, prays twice”.
So, in the absence of their own singing ability, they counted on the
“best” choral director ever to inspire us … which Betty surely did.

There was never any doubt that Betty did a whole LOT of praying this way as her persona radiated benevolence and good will. Her ever-present lovingkindness stood as testimony to the grace which is showered upon those who regularly “sing praises to the Lord”.

Betty was a founding member of the Church’s Seton Club where her generosity of spirit found all manner of creative expression.  She was also engaged in other musical capacities throughout her life, especially teaching her craft to those who valued her awesome gift.  Unfailingly, Mrs. Gefell — as we called her — served as a glowing example of the power of devotional singing to the Divine and Most High.

Thank you, Betty, from all of us at Christ the King!

Our deepest gratitude to you
for inspiring us
and teaching us,
for edifying us
and enlightening us,
for moving us to tears of joy,
and touching the tenderness of our hearts as no other adult ever did.

May God Bless You Always,
Keep you forever in the Great Choir in Heaven!

Founder & Curator