We Need YOU … NOW ! ! !


Woodstock Music Festival — Bethel, New York (August, 1969) Click on the photo to enlarge.

An URGENT Open Letter from the
Baby Boomers to the Beat Generation

And especially to the Rock ‘n’ Roll stars who inspired US


It’s Time to Galvanize the Body Politic
to Revolutionize the American Republic

To Our Dear Older and Wiser Brothers and Sisters,

With all due respect, with great reverence, and with undying gratitude, we write to you this day—Friday, May 13th of the momentous year of 2016.

It was 50 years ago that you, the countercultural and iconoclastic Beatniks of the 1960s inspired us — the Baby Boomers — to assist you in your efforts to shut down the Vietnam War.   You were the true poets and philosophers, activists and advocates, bards and balladeers of the 20th century.  Above all, you were the divinely inspired musicians who composed the music that literally changed the world.  Music that galvanized a peace movement the likes of which the planet had NEVER seen before.  Here are just a few of those songs and ballads.

Peace and Protest 1960’s & 70’s

For it was only through the absolutely awesome music of the 1960s and 70s that the Vietnam War was effectively terminated by a popular movement.   Let us be crystal clear: without your gifted and inspired music, there would have not been an anti-war movement nearly as powerful and pervasive as the one that transpired in the late ’60s and early ’70s. And it was from the ranks of the Beat Generation that many highly talented musicians (read inspired muses) provided some of the most powerful war protest music ever written by humankind.

Just so you know that we genuinely understand that you, the Beatniks were in fact The Greatest Generation.  We repeat that it was YOU who were really responsible for the first popular movement IN RECORDED HISTORY to ever shut down a war.  This never happened before, and has not occurred since.

Now that’s BIG.  No, it’s HUGE!  It actually doesn’t get any bigger than this accomplishment anywhere throughout the Earth realm.  How can it possibly get any bigger than terminating a corporate war waged by an all-powerful and ever-burgeoning Military-Industrial Complex?!

Why are we writing to you today?

With this critical understanding, we the Baby Boomers implore you to consider assisting us in an unparalleled endeavor.  We are talking about a global initiative to reawaken the desire for peace and the impulse to stop the wars worldwide.  As you well know, the entire planetary civilization stands at the precipice of a veritable World War III.  The ever-worsening worldwide economic and financial predicament only adds fuel to this fire.

We are fully aware that the universal language is music.  Nothing crosses national boundaries and bridges cultural differences faster than music.  Nothing diffuses religious conflicts and racial tensions more profoundly than music.  That’s precisely why the peace movement of the 60s spread like wildfire around the globe where peoples everywhere caught the burning spirit of the anti-war fire.

Surely you see what we see throughout the world community of nations today.  The apathy toward so many wars and indifference to the pain and suffering of others is quite shocking compared to the 70s.  Clearly, the successive generations have been oriented in a vastly different way than we were.  Generations X, Y, and Z as well as the Millennials are unaware of how “the System” has tightly controlled their destiny.  After the 60s and 70s came and left, the emerging Government-Corporate Complex made sure that a corporate war would never be thwarted again.  And so they have … with remarkable and stunning success.

Which brings us to the real reason that we are writing?

These younger generations desperately need our help.  Traditionally, protest movements almost always come from the younger ones whose futures are adversely affected.  The anti-war movements, in particular, always draw from those who are soon to be sent as cannon fodder for the next war on the horizon.  Nevertheless, those impacted generations throughout Western societies have been completely taken over and mind-controlled.  So far are they from the 70s mindset that most don’t even know what they don’t know. Hence, there is both great inertia and profound apprehension to take up the banner of world peace by the young ones.

Where the Internet could have been used as the greatest tool of global transformation ever created, it has instead been utilized by “the System” to aggressively sustain the perpetual war economy.  You all know what that means for future generations, yes?  By maintaining the drumbeat of war so imperceptibly yet effectively, the warmongers have guaranteed the success of their much reviled New World Order agenda.  Such a covert and highly destructive plan must be blocked.  And only the young people can do it.

While they have their youth and strength, the requisite computer skills and proficiencies in cyberspace, they clearly lack the will and intention to stop the wars.  They also seem to lack the basic knowhow as they have been corralled into a pen of various Internet pursuits and smartphone addictions which steal their time and energy.  In a word, our younger brothers and sisters need to be led.  As never before the younger generations need to be fully informed and wisely guided.

Dear Beat Generation, we both have been around this block like no others during this multi-millennial epoch.  Clearly we were hardwired to carry out the peace mission that we accomplished together.  For it was, at once, magical and miraculous, musical and marvelous, as though it had been written in stars.  Here’s an awesome link which has some of the best protest music ever written all on one page.

WAR PROTEST MUSIC (From the 1960s and 70s)


Which brings us to the REAL reason for this urgent letter.

First may we say that we are quite saddened by the recent spate of deaths of so many great musicians from the Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll era.  However, your generation is now seeing an uptick in passings given the advancement of age and degradation of the environment.  In light of the inevitable, we wonder if another WOODSTOCK Experience can be performed.  Such an endeavor might serve as a catalyst for a direly needed global peace movement.

In view of the all-pervasive Internet, your music is now accessible to virtually everyone.  Not only is all of your original music so moving and touching, any new music created for a Woodstock-like event would go viral in a heartbeat.  For those of you who have forgotten about the raw spiritual power and sheer earthly force that was unleashed on that farm in Bethel, New York, the link below will bring it all back in but a few minutes.


Certainly the current tract of humanity is ready for a major defining moment in this extremely important regard.  Human civilization has never been so ripe for a universally-accepted cultural event that could send spiritual shockwaves throughout nations and societies everywhere. What better trigger point than an unparalleled assemblage of those same old souls who led us through the last successful shutdown of the war machine.

What’s the real deal here:
Look it, the people who really run this place have it locked down in ways that very, very few even grasp. Were the American people to truly understand the many real threats and life-threatening assaults to which they are exposed to daily, they would literally flip out. The Beat Generation was hip to the whole Consumer Society scam before it even had a label.  You folks also understood the perpetual war economy as no other generation in history. What you really understood is the power of numbers and that there is great strength in unity.  Who, but you folks — the rock star celebrities of our generation — can drive home the necessity of taking back our individual and collective power.   If a good number of you stars came together under one roof, or promoted one vital cause, in a manner that totally rocked, what could TPTB do?  Yeah, they could take away your record labels or royalties or sick their agents on you as they frequently do.  They could even put you on a “No Fly” list as they often do to ‘troublemakers’.  Who cares at this late date?  If enough of you coalesced around 9/11 Truth or the fake elections, it would make a HUGE difference. Of course, if you sing and speak against the nonstop and odious wars, people will definitely stand up and take serious notice.  Please … Let’s get busy!  


Now we fully understand that you brave souls are getting up there in years.  Being over 70 years old in American and/or British society is no small challenge.  Therefore, what we pray for is your voice.  We wish that if you cannot show up at the ‘Event’, that you at least lend your powerful voice to such a worthy and weighty cause.  Yes … it is your strong and courageous voices that so moved us back then.  We know that your same voices will move the much-needed peace movement again, as in right now.

Regardless of where any of you now lie along the political spectrum, surely we all agree that the goals which you harbored so deeply during the 60s and 70s were realized for a moment in time.  You and we working together were truly victorious.  It all happened so fast and furiously as if the gods themselves were working triple-time on our collective behalf.

However, those victories were steadily eroded by TPTB.  Whereas the Vietnam War was ended decisively, many other wars were launched because of the overwhelming force projected across the world by the Military-Industrial Complex.  Eventually whole generations have come to be compromised by its next incarnation—Government-Corporate Complex.  Truly, this behemoth has neutralized every peace and anti-war initiative that has come along.

How did they do it?  First they completely took over the Music Industry in New York, Los Angeles and Nashville.  They made sure that such powerfully influential music would never be made again.  And so it hasn’t, except for the Dixie Chicks (NOT READY TO MAKE NICE) and Eminem (MOSH by Eminem) and a few other courageous groups.  And you all saw what happen to the Dixie Chicks, as well as to Eminem, yes?!

Dearest Beat Generation, you were the heart and soul of the original Peace Movement. You served as our peaceful mentors and guides, and were the force behind our anti-war collective conscience.  Your incredible voices — both individual and collective — transformed us from the inside out as they fundamentally changed the world around us. This is exactly why, at this very moment of time: WE NEED YOU—NOW ! ! !

Will you join US in such a global enterprise to end all war now and forever.  And to, much more importantly, usher in anew era of peace and brotherhood.  So that a new heaven and a new earth may descend across the land.

Let’s everyone come together and—>CeKuZTJUUAAswUi

With Much Love,
and Deep Gratitude,

Yours Baby Boomer Brothers and Sisters Forever

P.S. To more fully understand just how much we deeply value you great souls now, as we did back then, please read the following extended essay on this matter.
The Feud that Dictated the Destiny of the World

P.P.S. If ever there was a time to galvanize a grassroots movement to take back the USA from those who have stolen it, that time is now.  There may be no better way to galvanize a nationwide initiative and to revolutionize the body politic than with the powerful and pervasive resonance of MUSIC.  You folks did it once with amazing grace and an indomitable spirit; let’s do it again.  BEFORE THE ELECTION in November.

Special Note:
If you happen to receive this “Open Letter” and know any one of these or other unnamed musicians from the Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll, please be so kind as to forward it to them. The magic of music must be made again and these special folks can teach us how.  Always remember: They galvanized the first popular movement in history to shut down a war. Yes, it was the friggin’ music — the universal language — that really did it! Now … … …
LET’S GO GET ’EM ! ! !

All musicians who are interested in performing at a Woodstock III event can feel free to use the email address shown below to contact us.  This is a “Musicians Only” address.

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(1) Beat Generation: The Beatniks were a very unique demographic who were distinguished by their revolutionary mindset and rebellious temperament.  They were represented by the many “Visionaries, Rebels, and Hipsters” who emerged during the 1950s in the aftermath of the apocalyptic World War II.  They saw the vivid manifestation of the Consumer Society and wanted nothing to do with the corporate machine that was inexorably manufacturing it … one consumer at a time.  The Beatniks were the original peaceniks who detested war and craved peace in the wake of the WWII Armageddon. These highly independent critical thinkers and nonconformists were born primarily from the beginning of the Great Depression in 1929 through the very end of WW2 in the latter part of 1945.  By and large, they did NOT fight in the 2nd ‘Great War’, as they were too young.  What uniquely distinguished the Beatniks from all previous generations is that they looked to the East for authentic spirituality, as well as to monasteries for mystical Christianity.  In so doing they were the first ever to break with the religious traditions of their parents and grandparents.  They were ardent truth-seekers who eventually became swamis and mentors, spiritual advisors and counselors to their Baby Boomer brothers and sisters.  There are many other great souls who were born before and after this time frame who are also considered dyed-in-the-wool Beatniks.  It should be noted that many of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s greatest musicians are both Beatniks and old Baby Boomers.  Those Baby Boomers are much more Beatnik by the way than Baby Boomer, as much of their music was thoroughly suffused with the ideals and values, principles and convictions that were born within the Beat Generation. The vast majority of them never wore a beret, nor drank wine in a Parisian salon, nor went to a poetry reading by Allen Ginsberg.  Most, however, did read On the Road, The Seven Storey Mountain and/or Autobiography of a Yogi.  The following link well describes what really happened during the truly magical 1970s When Heaven Came Down To Earth under the direction of the Beat Generation.

~ A Beat Generation Songstress Sings Her Brains Out At Woodstock in 1969 ~

*    *    *

Cc: Elvis Presley, John Lennon, George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Bob Marley, Jerry Garcia, Jim Croce, Duane Allman, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Dennis Wilson, Karen Carpenter, Otis Redding, Harry Chapin, John Bonham, Keith Moon, Ronnie Van Zant, Peter Tosh, Jeff Porcaro, Mike Porcaro, Ricky Nelson, Florence Ballard, Papa John Creach, Richie Havens, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Chris Squire, Glenn Frey, Paul Kantner, Signe Toly Anderson, Keith Emerson, Lemmy Kilmister, Prince and other dearly departed.
Also to those still living:
Grace Slick
Joan Baez
Joni Mitchell
James Taylor
Jackson Browne
Carole King
Judy Collins
Arlo Guthrie
Bonnie Raitt
Peter, Paul and Mary
The Mamas & the Papas
Leonard Cohen
Don McLean
Gordon Lightfoot
Charlie Daniels
Cat Stevens
Melanie Safka
Bob Dylan
Paul Simon
Art Garfunkel
Neil Young
David Crosby
Stephen Stills
Graham Nash
Ted Nugent
Don Henley
Randy Meisner
Joe Walsh
Michael McDonald
Kenny Loggins
Steve Miller
Glen Campbell
Willie Nelson
Van Morrison
Jon Anderson
Steve Howe
Rick Wakeman
Alan White
Bill Buford
Rod Stewart
Paul McCartney
Ringo Starr
Phil Collins
Robert Plant
Jimmy Page
Mick Jagger
Keith Richards
Roger Daltry
Pete Townshend
Bruce Springsteen
Eric Clapton
Peter Frampton
Al Stewart
Stevie Wonder
Carlos Santana
Elton John
Lionel Ritchie
Diana Ross
Marilyn McCoo
Steve Winwood
Roger McGuinn
Linda Ronstadt
Tom Waits
Gregg Allman
Dickey Betts
Tom Petty
Billy Joel
Stevie Nicks
Steve Perry
Jeff Beck
Dave Mason
Doug Gray
Todd Rundgren
Neil Diamond
Dionne Warwick
Barry Manilow
Brian Wilson
Peter Cetera
Danny Seraphine
Robert Lamm
Jame Pankow
Robbie Robertson
Al Jardine
Aretha Franklin
Charlie Watts
Mike Love
Eric Burdon
Little Richard
Phil Lesh
David Lee Roth
Sammy Hagar
Eddie Van Halen
Lady Gaga
Steven Tyler
Joe Perry
Rick Dufray
Mark Knopfler
Tom Johnston
Debbie Harry
Gene Simmons
Paul Stanley
Chrissie Hynde
Pat Benatar
Patti Smith
Dolly Parton
Ann Wilson
Nancy Wilson
Joan Jett
Johnny Winter
Maria Muldaur
Norman Greenbaum
Freda Payne
Barry McGuire
Last but not least, the extremely courageous Dixie Chicks
And to all the other great musicians who played a part in the Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

*Jon Anderson, the legendary lead singer of YES, is a classic Beatnik troubadour whose progressive rock sound and profound lyrics, transcendental melodies and superb voice have inspired millions the world over as the video below portrays.

*       *       *

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